Welcome to Share a Picture (Please Read This First)

September 14, 2022

Welcome, submission guidelines, and the rules

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Hello everyone,

My name is Charlie Naebeck.

Thank you for dropping by the Share a Picture publication.

If you are here, I am assuming that you are interested in participating as a photographer and writer. Or perhaps you simply love to look at photography and read.

My goal of this publication is simple.
I would like to give photographers and writers a platform to share photos that you love and to write about those photos.

How to become a photographer/writer in this publication

Photo by Niels Kehl on Unsplash

If you wish to participate, please fill out your details here:

Once you submit your information, I will add you as a photographer/writer within 24–48 hours.

Other notes

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Please be aware that while we would love to invite ALL types of photography, there are certain things we do NOT allow.

Types of photography not allowed are:

  • No nudity
  • No graphic images
  • No political campaigns
  • No hate images
  • No racism
  • No violence
  • No spam
  • No images that YOU do not fully own.

We reserve the right to remove anyone that does not abide by these rules when submitting.

Please note that you will want to bookmark this post. The rules may change in the future at any time.

Also, please be kind to others. We wish to make photography and writing a great experience for others.

While we do encourage and support creativity, think about if you would share your submission with your Mother when you post.

Last but not least

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

When submitting your piece, we prefer drafts. Published pieces are OK, but we can help you with editing mistakes if you send drafts.

Make sure to read and re-read everything.

Correct your sub-headers with the little T icon by highlighting the text and then selecting the T.

Correct your work for any spelling or grammatical errors. Places like Grammarly and Hemingway are a great start.

And once you polish everything up, hit the submit button.

We are photographers and writers also. We will review your submission generally within 48 hours maximum to give you a go or no.

Please allow a bit of extra time around holidays and weekends.

Thank you for dropping by, and we look forward to seeing all of your amazing photography, and to read your stories!


Hi, I am Charlie Naebeck
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