Time to Play is What I Have to Say; Nature Has Secrets to Love

September 26, 2022

On giving yourself the gift of adventures

Time to play by Charlie Naebeck. All Rights Reserved.

The week flies by and the sun is not seen. Time is the thief that forgets everything.

There is a glimmer — a shimmer.

Light touches the floor and you long for more.

Grab your camera and head for the hills. It does not matter where you find your photographic thrills.

When you get there take the time.

For every hour burnt, learn how to smile.

Breathe deep and tranquil now. Turn off the phone and take a bow.

It will be there tomorrow, and the days after that.

There is nothing in this moment that you need to @.

Get lost in nature it consumes your soul. It fills that dark empty hole.

And it regurgitates what once was human. After the week takes it all away.

The phone, the emails. The nagging sounds.

The office — the cold grey that gets you down.

Take the time to find a river. It is September ready to deliver.

Different colors, changes anew.

Explore it all is what we do.

Photograph everything that catches the eye. All you have to do is try.

And when you return, spend the time.

Look at your treasures that caught your eyes.

Learn, remember, and embrace.

This is the thing you long to taste.

The adventures fill the soul and heart.

Leave the week to find your start.

With camera in hand there is no wrong.

There are a million discoveries to carry us along.

On photographing nature 9/25/22.

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