The Grave of my Best Friend One Year Later Happy

September 16, 2022

One year later

In the time I returned, you were the first to remember me.
You shared adventures that most did not know.
Through the good times and the shit.
You slept on my stomach in the summer breeze.
Always aware of everything.

Off to the woods we go, you saw everything.
From start to finish, all the projects.
The long trail we blazed.
You climbed high above me, and always kept me safe.
I asked you questions I thought you would never understand.
But you did.

And somehow it pulled us both through.
When we made the table out of trash, you gave your approval.
You guarded it like a treasure.
Nothing dare touch it at all.

And how we surveilled everything, you were always by my side.

Then one day you went for a run.
And God called you home.
I gave you rest here in our favorite spot that you like to roam.

And one year later.
I think you know.
Life has changed and I am good.
Continuing what we started.

And when the wind blows through the Andes.
I feel you looking down.
I think you would approve of what I do now.

God gave you a new home with family that passed.
And every day I miss you my friend, your memory will always last.

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