On Adventures and Friends; Why It is Important to Document

September 30, 2022
Adventures by Charlie Naebeck. All Rights Reserved.

Use your camera often — a lesson

I want to share a very simple lesson today on the importance of using your camera often.

Things, people, places, and pets come and go.

My Grandmother often told me that there are no guarantees in life short of death and taxes. She was right.

Yet, by documenting everything with your camera, you can re-live the moments that slide to the back of your mind.

They are not any less important, but they get pushed by the noise in our daily lives.

I was perusing my archives today, working on a different project, when I found this image.

For anyone that does not know him, this is my cat Boris (RIP).

Boris was one of my best friends.

He passed over a year ago after getting hit in the street by a car.

When he left me, a woman delivered him to my house after she saw him in the street.

As I stared in disbelief at his lifeless body, in my mind, I heard his meow that in cat language, said, “I love you, Charlie, everything will be OK.”

Tears streamed down my cheeks, and I laid him to rest in our favorite spot in the woods later that day.

Even as I remember him now, I still cry as I remember the day he left.

Yet, I remember the countless adventures that we had.

I remember how he would talk to me late at night in a language only cat owners could understand.

He was one of my best friends and helped me through so much.

And I will never forget.

I have my photographs and my memories.

This is why we document.

Document who and what you love.

Hold it, dear.

You never know where life will take you and how important it is to remember.

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