Observations From One Amazing Month On Medium

September 12, 2022

How to go from zero to hero

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Under one month ago, I was sitting on my couch with my coffee looking at emails from my photography students.

It was 6 AM, and the coffee seemed to disappear into the abyss without touching my sleepless mind.

One of my students asked me to create a how-to guide for content creation with his photography. I am no stranger to creating helpful content for my students, so I obliged.

Creating the steps for making better photographs was easy. I started a quick How-To video and sent it off.

I also remembered that my friend Chris had invited me to guest write for The Phoblographer.

I thought, could I add writing to how I connect with my photo students and life coaching clients?

How I found Medium

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Years ago, someone told me that I had to write about what I knew if I wanted to establish myself with authority.

It was suggested to me that Medium was a great spot for professionals to write, so I signed up.

I have learned a LOT in just a month of writing on Medium. I am not new to writing, but adapting to the tools and layout has been a learning curve.

Slowly but surely, I got my sea legs to thank several other helpful writers that are kind enough to share advice.

Zero followers to 328 with over 14k views in less than a month

My stats as of 9/12 — by Charlie Naebeck

What did I do to achieve this?

I started writing my ass off!

There is no substitution for hard work.

If you want to succeed at anything in life, you have to work at it.

Writing is no different.

I wrote you a poem with my advice.

Your Writing Streak — by Charlie Naebeck

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Pick up your pen, and grab your paper.
Don’t hesitate, there is no time later.
Write down everything in your mind.
You never know what you will find.

Circle the words that stand out strong.
These are where the journey begins, and it won’t be long.
Until you start to riff off of one or two.
These are the things that writers do.

Start all ideas as drafts in the stable.
It does not matter if you write from your dining room table.
An outline or two never hurts.
It is a recipe to make your work.

Pick the idea that stands out strong.
Write write write to your favorite song.
Keep headphones on to draw your focus.
It is like magic; hocus pocus.

Edit, revise, re-write, polish.
Until you have something that you are proud of.
Once you think that it is done.
Enter the writers task of editing fun.

Use Grammarly or Hemingway.
They are both free and will save the day.
Correct all of your spelling and all of your errors.
Edit with a coffee from your terrace.

If you don’t have a terrace, your couch will do.
I’ve written from bed, that works too.
Once all of the edits are all done.
Copy and paste to Medium.

Make sure to use relevant tags.
These will draw eyes in the early days.
Find publications relevant.
This is time well worth spent.

Hit the publish button and there it goes.
Will anyone read it; no one knows.
Your first few articles will create the crickets.
But in due time they emerge from the thickets.

Wake up early, write while you are fresh.
This is when you write your best.
Write every day, and learn learn learn.
Soon your numbers kick in for your turn.

Don’t worry too much about the stats.
The most important is to hone your craft.
When you hit a viral piece.
It will be something to consider for your niche.

Make about five of these or so.
Write about things that you know.
If you don’t know, don’t bullshit.
People know if you are it.

Keep on writing because you love it so.
And one day before you know.
Your words will proceed you before you speak.
And this is the secret to your writing streak.

Happy writing!

P.S. Set a goal for your writing and stick to it!

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