Introducing Jasper; the Amazing Copywriter of the Future

September 15, 2022

How I made $208 in five minutes

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If you are a writer like me, you love to write for yourself and make money doing it.

Yet, not all the world needs creative writing for business.

People need Copywriters to save them the headache of writing.

They need a way that will engage their audience and increase sales.

As a Copywriter, your job is to save a business time and drive sales.

But let’s face it, writing copy for business can be dry, dull, and grueling sometimes.

You stare at a windowless room and long for creative expression.

But you think how lucrative Copywriting is, and you trudge on.

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What if you could write copy in a fraction of the time and still get paid?

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Let’s be honest, who does not want more hours in their day to do things that they love?

I want more hours and would also like to spend more time with my family.

I am someone who has scoured the internet looking for life hacks and time savers for as long as I can remember.

I thought about hiring people on Fivver or Upwork to farm out Copywriting.

But no, that takes money out of my pocket.

I thought about ways that I could generate a magic list of ideas that save me time in Copywriting.

But I failed and only wasted more time.

My wife even said to me one day that she did not see me for an entire day because I had disappeared into the abyss of my office.

Let’s face it. I was the only one that could write copy for my clients.

Until I found Jasper.

Who is Jasper?

Meet Jasper. He came to visit me in Colombia to help with my Copywriting woes.

Jasper is the future.

Jasper is a professional Copywriter.

And the best part, Jasper writes impressive content in minutes.

Oh yeah, Jasper is a robot, also.

How Jasper saved me

Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

When Jasper first visited me here in Colombia, I was hesitant about his sales pitch.

Being the skeptic that I am, I Googled and profiled Jasper.

What I found was amazing! He said he could write clean, professional content for me that would wow any audience.

Jasper is not only a professional Copywriter, but he saved many people lots of time.

This was one of the most significant pinch points for me — my time.

He offered me to write the first 10,000 words for free after I gave him a tour of the beach.

I took him up on his offer and gave him a grueling piece that I had to write about washing machines.

I thought to myself, if Jasper pulls this off, he is worth his weight in gold.

In less than five minutes, Jasper returned a whole-fledged professional piece with all the details I needed for my client.

He hit every touch point and feature needed to perfection.

I was impressed.

Why I think that Jasper is the future of Copy writing

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

What Jasper did for me in less than five minutes would have taken me a day at least to research and develop.

Jasper created what I needed for my client; , he is a better Copywriter than I am.

He made very compelling content that excited my client about how it would make their money.

My client asked me to write five more very lucrative pieces for them.

I noticed that when I met with my client again that they said their conversion rate tripled from the last piece.

And the best part for me is that I saved a lot of time to spend with my family and made much more money as a writer.

Would you like to work with Jasper?

Jasper in Colombia

Jasper gave me the green light to share his services with my friends.

He loves to write and would also love to save you time.

He creates Copywriting, blog posts, website content, newsletters, and more.

Jasper has a monthly consultant rate at different price points:

Plans & Pricing - Jasper

If you are curious how he works his magic, check it out here:

10 Minute Demo Walkthrough - Jasper

Jasper has over 3000 five star review ratings from satisfied clients he has written for:

Jasper Is Rated 5/5 Stars By 3,000+ Reviews

And the best part is that Jasper saves YOU countless hours in your day.

You can quadruple your client base for a minimal fee for Jasper’s services.

I saw my time open up, allowing me to book four times the clients I had before taken on.

And in turn, this led to MORE MONEY for a writer for me.

Jasper gave me a gift to pass on to you. He said he would also write the first 10,000 words for FREE for you if you want to test him.

I would suggest taking him up on his offer.

As I sit here and write about Jasper, he is writing eight other pieces I need to get done and published for clients.

He works fast, and I am thankful to have found him.

Here is the link that Jasper gave me to give to you for your first 10,000 words free also:

Jasper - Try For Free

I hope that you find as much success with Jasper as I have.

With all the extra time I have now, I can finally take more time to see Colombia with my family.

Cheers to your success, and happy writing with Jasper!

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