I Hate Making Money but They Gave Me Lots; Do You Want to Know How?

September 22, 2022

They gave me $500 again for just one post

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It was early this morning when I stumbled out of my bed. The light in the window fluttered throughout the room. I heard the neighbor’s dog howling. And I was thinking about the future for my family.

Sounds of a motorcycle without a muffler rumbled from the street as I entered the kitchen. I emptied yesterday’s coffee grounds into the trash as I prepared a new pot to fit to use for rocket fuel. And I picked up my phone, half paying attention to what I was rifling through my sleep-deprived mind.

The larger question on my mind is how to continue to support my family without a traditional nine-to-five.

I have tried a lot of different avenues in my life to make money. Some worked out very well, while others did not. My most grueling experience was selling vacuum cleaners on commission door to door. And if it were up to me, my family would live remote on a sustainable plot of land with no need for modern conventions or money.

Modern conventions always seem to distract from what is most important in life, which is why I hate money. Money often leads to more more more and can create stress, anxiety, and take you on a downward spiral.

But as I checked my email, I spit out my coffee as I gasped.

They sent me $500 again for one post.

Who, what, how, when, why

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

As I read on, I realized which post it was exactly. Some of my more popular posts lately on Medium have been about how to make money and write on Medium.

And if you have been reading me since the beginning of my Medium journey, you will understand that I write about these things as a necessary evil. I write about these things because someone out there is fighting the same fight I am trying to support a family. But the honest answer is I would much prefer to stay in my wheelhouse of writing about photography and adventures. And this is one reason that I hate the necessity of making money.

The post that made me $500 before the coffee is on a new company called Noumena.

If you read my other posts about them here and here, you already know they are a start-up. They work with small businesses and freelancers to offer financial advice, start-up resources, and networking opportunities.

But $500 for one sleepy morning? Seriously.

I am a skeptic, and I believe in facts over dribble. Me being me investigates everything to make sure that it is accurate. I opened my Noumena app, and there was $500 more.

How I make money with Noumena and you can too

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

Let me preface this with the fact that it is NOT a get-rich-quick plan. And let me be transparent. I am an affiliate marketer, among other titles that I wear.

Some people think it is spam, but this is my Medium page, not yours. Yet, I believe in supporting programs that are a win-win for everyone. And I provide helpful information for those who have discipline and work hard to have an opportunity at something that may benefit them.

With that said, let me introduce the ways that I make money on Noumena:
  1. Referrals: Right now, Noumena has a referral program for just one more week where if you refer a friend that signs up, you get USD $30, and your friend gets USD $30. That is a win-win, in my book. It is extra cash in your pocket and supports people in your life. And if you sign up before the end of September, you can take full advantage of this. I told all my friends, which is one big way to make money from Noumena. If you want a free $30, you are welcome to use my code with the instructions here. Note: You must have a US bank account to receive the payout.
  2. Networking: Noumena is also a great networking program. I got a question this morning that mentioned Noumena is a bit vague on how you can network. You will learn that you network with other businesses if you read my post here. It is like social media for small businesses and freelancers. How your network depends on what YOU need. Me, I teach photography and content creation also. I have used Noumena to reach out to other businesses to see if they need assistance with their photos or content creation. So far, this has landed me several lucrative contracts and leads simply by asking and introducing myself. I outlined an introduction to Noumena here to help.
  3. Posts: Like any other social platform, Noumena has the ability for you to create posts. They call them “Noums.” I have used my Noumena to post about business opportunities, helpful tips for other companies that drive leads to me, and character posts. You generally use four styles of posts in business character, authority, affinity, and action that work well. I have had the most success with character posts.

Will I continue with Noumena after September 30th

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

The answer is YES.

I find great value in networking and engaging with other small businesses. Aside from the referral program that ends on September 30th, Noumena will allow me to reach other like-minded individuals for success.

I will continue to post and share what I do with my network on Noumena. And I will also continue to write about them and what they announce in the future. They are, after all, coming out of beta soon, I heard.

If a start-up provides this much value from its early days, I look forward to seeing what opportunities are ahead for its future.

And if you want to check them out for yourself, visit noumena.pro. You can read about them and what they do on your own terms.

If you decide to sign up and would like an extra $30 to check them out, you can use my code here.

In the meantime, I will continue with the necessary evil of vetting these programs for you so that you don’t have to guess. I believe in transparency, and I believe in building business relationships that last.

So if you are a small business owner or freelancer, let me know what you also do. I would love to see if we can help each other grow.

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