How to Improve Your Photography; A Gift You’ll Love — September 2022

September 20, 2022

How to Improve Your Photography; A Gift You’ll Love — September 2022

Happy September!

I want to start a new tradition where I write to you once monthly to see how you are doing. I often wonder how you are and how your photography is.

Are you getting the best out of your camera?

Do you have questions? Or do you need a refresher on how to do something?

I think about these things all of the time. So I decided to expand on ways that we can connect to keep you on top of your photography game.

A rainbow over Medellin Colombia by Charlie Naebeck

What’s New for September 2022:

New video courses:

I am very excited to share that I have partnered with Udemy and Gumroad to offer video-based photography lessons.

The first in the new series rolling out over the next several months is: How to Improve Your Photography; a Gift You’ll Love.

This means you will have me in your pocket whenever you want to learn photography!

In the first new class of the series, I cover:

-How to start in any shooting mode on your camera.
-How you can quickly shoot in manual mode.
-How to improve your camera technique.
-The three main lighting types in photography and when to use them.
-Tips and tricks to jump-start your specific photography goals.

This excellent course for beginner photographers is great for advanced photographers to refresh!

I will have you back on your game in just sixteen minutes and thirty-five seconds, making images you love.

This course is just USD $9.99 to download.

You can watch it and take notes or practice as often as you like.

And I have designed it for busy people like you so that you get the most out of your photography time!

Other new spots to learn:

This September, I also returned to one of my other loves; writing.

How many of you knew that about me when taking my classes?

I love to write, and I decided it was time to share ALL of my secrets.

I write daily on Medium. If you would like to give me a follow there, I can share other great resources for your photography.

You will find articles in my Medium on photography, life, being an ex-pat, the digital nomad life, and of course, you can see my photography.

And don’t be surprised if you see me pop up in some of your favorite online photography resources soon.

New Publication

I started a brand new publication on Medium called “Share a Picture”.

I invite photographers and writers of all skill levels to join as contributors.

Once you are added as a contributor, you are welcome to share as often as you like.

The concept is simple to choose a photograph that you want to write about, and to write about it. Think about what Duane Michals or Robert Frank would have done with their imagery with word and image.

This is designed to help us all to keep our photography and writing chops honed.

It also builds community to showcase amazing talent on Medium.

If you are interested in contributing, please check out details here.

Thank you!

And as always, if you want to refresh your photography or learn a new skill for your photography, I am available for Zoom photography lessons worldwide.

I also teach in-person photography lessons currently in Medellin, Colombia.

I would love to hear from you on how YOUR photography is.

I can be reached directly at [email protected] and would love to see the photos that you have created.

Thank you, and happy shooting!

Hi, I am Charlie Naebeck
I am a husband, professional photographer, teacher, life coach, ex-pat, and digital nomad.
Voted in the top 10 photography teachers in NYC. Top photography writer on Medium. I also have written for The Phoblographer, Adorama, Dpture, and more.
I travel the world with my family and camera giving others the gift of photography. I also consult with businesses to help develop content creation strategies for business engagement.
I can help you:  
-Improve your photography and content creation skills remotely or in person
-Create better content for your blog, social media, or business
-Learn how to make passive income while you create what you love
-Develop an engagement strategy for your media
-Coach you on how to set up your goals for success
Contact me here to book a session.Download my digital classes and Ebooks here where I provide many valuable insights and tips. My students and clients find it helpful to keep my advice digital in their pockets.
If you like what you read, please consider giving me a follow on Medium.
Thank you!
P.S. If you are interested in how I got to this point in my life, read my story here.

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