How You can Make Passive Income on Noumena; I Made $300 in an Hour

September 12, 2022

Let’s get started

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A few weeks ago, I shared two articles

How You Can Easily Make $200 in 24 Hours

I Made $200 In 24 Hours Again; And Here Is Exactly How Easy It Is

These two posts have managed to pay my rent for one month so far and make me MORE than USD $200.

If you have not seen them yet, check them out first before I introduce a new way to make extra passive income today.

I also created a helpful Ebook on how to do this on my Gumroad for YOU for those articles.

Let’s make more money together!

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Disclaimer: These are NOT get-rich-quick schemes. They are affiliate links.

You will not make money if you don’t work hard and follow the steps.
If you follow the steps and work hard, you will make money.
It is that simple.

Make sure to read to the end how I made the $300 in less than an hour.

Introducing Noumena

I will introduce a new way to make passive income for you today with a company called Noumena.

Noumena is a new company that helps small business owners and freelancers.

As always, I vet all the links and apps I share with you to try them before I share.

I do not believe in spamming people with things that do not work out of respect for you and your time.

How you make money with Noumena:

Step 1: Visit the Noumena sign up page.

You can do this from your computer, or they have a great app.

Step 2: Enter your email address to sign up.

Noumena will send you a code to your email to complete the registration.

Step 3: Enter the code that you were sent to sign up.

Step 4: Enter your details.

NOTE: It is very important to check the box titled ‘I have a referral code’ if you want an easy USD $30 for starters.

Enter my code 11904 here as the referral code for free money.

Step 5: Enter your freelancer details.

For this section, you can use your Medium page, or any other web url that you use to do business with.

Type a brief description of what you do and click next.

Step 6: Get approved by Noumena.

Step 7: Fill out your profile and create your wallet on Noumena so that you get paid!

Once you sign up for Noumena, you get $30 by using my affiliate code mentioned above. I also get $30 (Thank you!).

While you wait for Noumena to approve your status (less than 24 hours), fill out your profile.

This is an excellent networking opportunity with other freelancers and like-minded individuals.

Also, visit the ‘money’ section when you continue and create a wallet where you will be able to receive money.

Step 8: How you make the $300 and more

Like me, you are always looking for ways to make passive income.

If you visit the My Account section of Noumena, you will see a link that says, ‘Invite a friend, get rewards.

With this link, you will get your own referral code to share with YOUR friends. For every person you invite that signs aboard, you get $30, and they also get $30 for signing up.

It is that easy.

Share this link with anyone who is an entrepreneur or freelancer like you.

Bonus tips:

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If you want even more helpful tips on how to share your Noumena code with your friends, I wrote a guide here on Gumroad:

How You can Make Passive Income on Noumena-With Seven Bonus Tips to Share Your Code

It is $1 and includes seven bonus tips on how you can share your code if you are not sure where to start.

I shared my Noumena link with all my business contacts and received ten referrals within an hour.

If you do the math, that is USD $300 by telling your friends about something extraordinary that you use.

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And while you are on Noumena, make sure to add friends like you would on any other social network.

In my first few days, I negotiated deals with companies to teach.

Networking leads to MORE MONEY!

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