Thirty Days to Learn Your Camera; A Photography Boot Camp You’ll Love Lesson One

November 30, 2022

Let’s go!

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

A lot of my students love my unconventional exercises to learn the camera.

I like to give the gift of photography beyond what the F-stop, Shutter, ISO, and basic lessons can give.

So today, I am going to start a 30 day series as a holiday gift for you to learn your camera.

Even if you are a seasoned pro, I promise that you will take away some new skills from my series.

And the beauty of this series is that you can repeat the exercises as many times as you want to learn something new.

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After you finish following the channels to make sure you get all 30 lessons that I am going to be sharing (one each day until Christmas), proceed with the first lesson.

Lesson 1 excercise; Walk North

Photo by Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash

This exercise is simple. You choose your favorite camera that you like to make images with, and you set out from your house or your place of work to walk North.

The camera can be any camera. It does not matter if it is your cellphone, or if it is $10,000. The idea is to get you making images.

Here is the exercise:

Step 1: Take your favorite camera out of your camera bag and prepare to shoot. Grab a bite to eat and something to drink before you leave your house or your office. Take a watch or your phone with you to time your shots.

Step 2: As you leave your house or your office start walking North, every time that one minute passes take a photograph of what is immediately in front of you. Don’t think about it, simply shoot. I would suggest putting your camera in a partial mode such as P or automatic so that you don’t think about it too much. The idea is to make images, not to think about settings at first.

Step 3: Keep heading North, and make a new photograph of what is in front of you every 1 minute.

Step 4: After five minutes have passed, start to shoot blind. Do not look through the viewfinder, and point the camera in the general direction of what is in front of you and push the shutter.

Step 5: Walk for 1 hour exactly, and then sit down at a cafe or on a park bench to review your images.

Step 6: Find your favorite image that you made, and return to the spot that you made it.

Step 7: Now, make a calculated shot of that spot with the settings on the camera that you would like to explore until you have a shot that you love.

Step 8: Return home, unload your camera, and post your image to social medias and tag #shareapicturemagazine. If you want to become a contributor to the community that I run for my students also, you can visit and follow the contributor instructions there.

Bonus: If you like to write, take a moment to write about your experience and share what you felt as you explore the exercise. You can also repeat this as many times as you like from different starting points.

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Good luck, and happy shooting!

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