Want a Free $100 Towards Your Holiday Purchases?

November 15, 2022

Sign up an account at Social Good

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How would you like a free $100 to do your holiday shopping with? Or a free $100 to treat yourself to something special you have wanted for some time. Or you would like free money.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. It is all true!

And I will walk you through the exact steps you need to get $100 free for your holiday shopping.

Don’t worry; it is painless, and the best part is that you get free merchandise.

This is great for upcoming holiday expenditures or even for things you already purchase daily.

How to get the $100:

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Let’s get started!

What you need to know about getting the $100 is that you will register an account on an app called Social Good.

Social Good is a shop-to-earn app in both the Apple store and Google Play. By registering until the end of November, you get $100 FREE.

The app was designed in 2018 by the company’s founder and CEO, Soichiro Takaoka, to meet the demands of this large and rapidly-growing market and to give people a way of achieving assets they would not usually be able to attain.

In 2022, Social Good launched an initiative with people like me to grow users in October by offering a free $100 sign-up bonus just for creating an account.

I was skeptical about the initiative, as I am with all endeavors. Still, it is accurate after testing the app and doing my homework. They gave me $100 in Crypto as promised simply for signing up for an account with the code below.

Like me, you think there is a catch to getting $100 free.

There is a slight one, but it is not a big deal like most investment or banking programs that make you jump through tons of hoops.

The catch is that to get free merchandise and get $100, you have to spend $100 in one of the 1,800 significant stores with which Social Good has a connection.

These are stores like eBay, Udemy, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. They are not small no-name places.

You also must register for 200 SG tokens initially in the app (currently a 5% discount when you register in the app as a member for just $28).

And don’t worry, your 200 SG membership fee is counted towards the Crypto that you have in the app and will increase in value too!

And before you run away or ask the question, if you are like me, you think that they might steal your information when you purchase things through the app.

As always, I vet these things before I post about them. All shops are independent of Social Good for your shopping experience. Social Good does not have any connection to the store’s information or screen capture your information to shop.

Another noteworthy thing you may be thinking is why on earth you would spend $100 simply to get it back in cryptocurrency.

There are a few reasons:

  1. You get fully refunded for your store purchase of $100 within 30–90 days, depending on the store’s policy you purchase from. This means you get FREE merchandise for your holiday shopping or things you want to buy.
  2. If you want to invest in Crypto with a low-pressure way of starting, this is a great entry-level coin. By making the $100 purchase in one of Social Good’s partner stores, you get $100 of SG crypto. If you do not touch this, it will increase in value over time, giving you the power to transfer out more than your $100 purchase.
  3. When else have you heard of such a deal to purchase something and get fully refunded to keep the merchandise?
Are you with me so far? This = FREE money and FREE merchandise simply by buying what you would typically buy anyways online.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you signed up for FREE money.

How to sign up for Social Good to do your holiday shopping:

Image courtesy of Social Good

Step 1: Download the SocialGood App from the Apple store or on Google Play (2M+ users)

Step 2: Register an account in the Social Good app using your email address and the code: KFTDJN


(Note: You must use the code if you want the free $100, and you must do this on your phone. It can’t be done on a computer.)

Step 3: You will be presented with a screen to become a Social Good member and invest 200 SG ($28). Keep this screen open and proceed to the fourth step.

Step 4: Register a free account on Coinbase to get a free wallet to pay the $28 Social Good registration.

Using this link will get an additional $10 FREE just for signing up: https://coinbase.com/join/o7548p?src=referral-link.

Step 5: Once registered on Coinbase, transfer $28 to your Coinbase account from an authorized bank that allows Crypto purchases.

If your bank does not allow Crypto purchases, you can call them to authorize this.

The $28 will be used to purchase SG for your Social Good account later (and don’t worry, you will also be able to get your $28 back later too).

Step 6: In Coinbase, you want to use the $28 to purchase Bitcoin (Do not purchase other Cryptocurrencies). This is an accepted currency to pay for your Social Good registration.

Step 7: Download the Coinbase crypto wallet and transfer your Bitcoin purchase.

Step 8: Return to Social Good and continue with the prompts to link your Coinbase wallet to SG and purchase the 200 SG membership.

Step 9: Choose the shop of your choice in the app to make your holiday purchases or other purchases with a minimum of $100, and Social Good will give you this amount back within 30–90 days in Crypto (see specific stores on the Social Good app for the exact number of days for the return).

You will also be able to transfer this cashback in Crypto to your Coinbase wallet to cash it out as standard currencies under “Withdraw SG” in the asset tab of the Social Good app.

Note: When you transfer the $100 crypto credit out to your Coinbase account to convert it to regular currency for your bank, you will also be able to cash out your $28 membership fee if you wish.

And just like that, you get FREE merch and the potential to earn back more than $100 in the Social Good app as the Crypto exchange increases in value.

I tried it and earned $35 extra on my $100 purchase that I could transfer out. And all of my holiday shopping and a few camera accessories for myself are all set for FREE.

You’re welcome!

If you need additional technical support on performing any of the steps above to get your account set up and start with Social Good, please feel free to register here: https://calendly.com/cnpcall/consult. I offer a 30-minute consultation to help you register and get set up for just $35.

Happy Holidays! This tip helps you save a lot of money on your holiday spending!

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