How to Get a Black Friday Special: Learn Photography for FREE

November 23, 2022

Register on Udemy and get a FREE photography class

How to Learn Beginner Photography Quickly and Easily on Udemy

If you have not heard me say this a million times in the last month, I created a really excellent photography class on

Please check it out and share your photography with me.

I know you have your camera sitting idle in your home and have yet to take it out to take images.

And I want to inspire you and get you shooting again. Don’t you miss the incredible feeling of making images?

From now until November 30th, you can take my class for FREE on Udemy as part of this Black Friday special.

Simply pop over to my class here to register, and then use the code:


And after you book your spot in my Udemy class, visit my calendar at to book a Zoom call with me.

I would like to chat with you to hear your story about your photography.

I hope that I can help inspire you and give you ideas you have not yet thought of to get you shooting again. And also that we can potentially work together to design a plan in my photography coaching sessions weekly to keep you shooting and creating photos that you love.

So what are you waiting for? Register for my Udemy class, and then book a FREE Zoom call with me before November 24th.

I can’t wait to see what you do with your photography and witness the fantastic images you will make!


P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

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