The Power of YES

April 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Good Morning,

I hope that you slept well! If you are enjoying coffee as I am right now, cheers! If you are able to sleep like I can right after finishing said coffee, more power to you as well! For some of you, it may be lunch or dinner already. Whatever point it is for you in your day, I wish you Good Morning! That is how it feels anymore -- Kind of like  Groundhog Day.

I want to put this concept out into the world today called "The Power of YES". My friend @jordanmatter published a blog post years back when I was his intern by the same title. I searched for it this morning in hopes that I could share it directly with you, but it seems to no longer be online that I can find.

The story goes like this though from what I remember.

Jordan took a dancer to Financial District in Manhattan (specifically Stone Street which is covered in beautiful cobblestones) for his Dancers Among Us. He was looking for three young gentlemen sitting down for lunch with their ties loosened up having a beer to ask to pose with the ballerina. He approached three young men that he thought would surely say yes, but they scoffed in his face and told him that their boss would kill them if word got out that they were drinking in the middle of the day.


Meanwhile, there were three older gentlemen slightly down the street that were calling to him and the ballerina while making a scene. Jordan said that it could have gone terribly wrong with some of the things that the older gentlemen were saying, but that something in his gut instinct told him to say "YES"!

The concept of the shoot was to have the ballerina do a arabesque, while holding a tray and serving beer to the gentlemen. The guys were half drunk, they were dropping beer glasses, and things were getting sloppy, but Jordan got the shot.

He and the ballerina were about to leave, when the guys invited them to sit down and have a drink with them. Jordan asked if they would get in trouble like the three younger gentlemen. One may spoke up and said, "those guys will never be us" because they were three CEOs of top financial firms on Wall Street.

After the conversation and shoot that day, Jordan ended up receiving massive referrals to his head shot business simply because the men that he shot liked him. The Power of YES was born, which is making something that could potentially be negative into something positive.

As I first discovered Jordan's work when I was back in school, I read his blog post and took it to heart so much that I went straight to a tattoo shop with my friend Cora one night in NYC and got "THE POWER OF YES" tattooed on my left forearm!

Jordan and I made a pact that any of his future interns all have to get "THE POWER OF YES" tattooed on their forearms also in order to work with him.

The motto its self though has become something very important to me over the years. It is there as a reminder. When life gets tough, allow yourself to feel, but then make something out of the feelings into something positive. I think about that now more than ever as the world changes.

Be safe out there y'all! If anyone needs to talk during these times also, please feel free to drop me an E-mail . I think that it is important more so than ever that we all check in on each other and keep touch with family and friends.



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