Hi, I'm Charlie Naebeck.


I am a husband, photography coach, photographer, writer, podcaster, Youtuber, entrepreneur, and adventurer.

I started with a camera when my Grandma gave me a birthday gift at age 10. My first photograph was taken on a family vacation to Disney World of Winnie the Pooh.

I photographed it because I loved it and love to spend time with my family.

One day someone called me and asked if I would photograph a small fashion shoot for them. I had never done it before, so I said yes. And this opened the door to my first trip to New York City.

Over the years, I have photographed almost every style imaginable and have lived and worked in cities/countries around the world that I never dreamed possible.

Yet after I returned to college in my early 30s to pursue what I loved, I found my true passion in teaching and helping others.

I have taught at NYU, U of M, Adorama, Photo Manhattan, my own destination workshop tours, and private lessons.

And these days, I teach online on Zoom as I travel with my family and photograph what I love most with them.

With 33 years of experience with students in over 42 different countries, my goal is simple. I am here to share my knowledge with you.

I want to see you achieve your photography goals.

Anyone can learn photography and camera basics on Youtube these days.

Yet, they cannot give you the inspiration I can or design a custom action plan for YOUR photography goals.

This is where I excel. I help my students reach their goals more efficiently than any photography class by giving them what they need.

And in all transparency, I would love to work with you and help you achieve your goals.

If you are ready to take the following steps to improve your photography and to get inspired, book a free 30-minute call with me here: https://calendly.com/cnpcall/30min.

We will chat about your photography goals, and I will design a custom action plan for you with a photo coaching plan to help you achieve those goals.

And I will be here every step of the way with you and be one of your most prominent advocates of success.

So what are you waiting for? Let's chat!




Partial Client list:


Madison Square Garden, Birdie Box, Studio Now, Adorama TV & Education Center, Conde Nast, Photo Manhattan, Pinner & Co, CCMP Capital, LP, Columbia University, NYU, Vogue, International Center of Photography, The University of Michigan, The Phoblographer, Dpture Magazine, Share A Picture Magazine, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Jordan Matter, NYU, Frank Ferrer of Guns and Roses, Jesse Malin, Theresa Roemer, GQ, Vogue IT, Robert Frank, Janelle Issis, and House of Blues Chicago.


My books:


In addition to commissioned work, I have successfully published six books to date: Resonance (2014), Glimpses (2015), In Crossing (2015)Kinetic (2017), Between Heaven and Hell Vol. 1, and How to Market on Social Media.

Books are available on Google Play, Amazon, and Apple, where books are sold in digital format and hardcopy.

Top secret: I am working on a brand new photography book I will share more information about in 2023.


My podcasts:


What Would Charlie Shoot? (A photography and creative podcast): You can listen to the What Would Charlie Shoot Podcast weekly at: https://anchor.fm/charlie-naebeck (also on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and where podcasts are listened to).

Share Dreams Co (An inspirational podcast about humans and what they wanted to be when they grew up versus now): You can listen to the Share Dreams Co podcast at https://anchor.fm/sharedreamsco (also on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and where podcasts are listened to).


My blog:


Don't forget to follow the Charlie Naebeck Co blog at https://medium.com/@charlienaebeck for all the latest news, tips, tricks, and more.


My Youtube:


I'm also working on designing a brand new Youtube experience to share. Coming in early 2023.


Annnnnnnnnnddddddd, check out some of my other projects here:


TheFuturePhotographers.com (A program designed to inspire youth in photography coming 2023.)

79Punks.com (A wearable shop supporting mental health and art.)

Shareapicturemagazine.com (Share your photos and write about them.)

Countryfamilyrecipes.com (My family and I are recreating my Grandma's cookbook that she published in 1984 and adding new family recipes from the whole family)

Visitingcolombia.com (Have you ever been to Colombia? No? Learn about it here and what the culture and experience are like, along with tips and destination information.)

Extrasidehustles.com (Do you like extra money? Learn about extra side hustles that you can do here to make extra money.)

AmbientNFTinvestments.com (I started an internet art gallery and invited several artists to explore the NFT world with me. If you are an art collector and collect digital art, check it out.)

Sharedreams.co (I woke up from a dream one morning and decided to start a second podcast called Share Dreams Co that explores individual's journeys in life with what you do, and we chat about what you wanted to be when you grew up versus what you became and your influences.)