adjective: kinetic

1. of, relating to, or resulting from motion.
(of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.

Artist statement:
I became interested in the possibilities of kinetic movement through pure serendipity late one night when I was in Times Square in New York photographing behind the scenes images for my friend Jordan Matter for his Dancers After Dark book. Jordan kept freezing the dancers movements perfectly in each image that he made, and in that moment I paused and asked myself the question in my mind of what that image would look like if it were captured in movement instead of frozen?

Shortly there after in April 2016, I began my journey to explore this idea by forming my Kinetic series. I contacted several dancers, and I began to experiment with long exposures, multiple exposures, gestures, and light painting. The result became the experience of what it means to visualize the movement of dance in non-traditional space in an abstract form.

I am very interested in visualizing a communication instead of any form of perfection in my work. This project for me is all about the idea of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to make work where I could potentially fail instead of succeeding. It is about saying yes to anything that could potentially be negative to simply make it into something positive and to make powerful visuals that communicate.

I am 4 months out from finalizing my exploration for this book. August 27th will be the last shoot day before I go into post to cull the final images that will exist for Kinetic for the final book release at the end of the year. In the next four months, I will be looking for strong dancers that are interested in creating work that matters outside the realm of traditional dance or perfections, and that are willing to push the boundaries of creativity with me.

All dancers are advised to bring 2 dance related looks (one monochromatic, and one with bold color please). Sessions will be held on every Thursday evening of May between 9:30-11:30pm. I will also be holding sessions on every Sunday (short of days where I will be traveling) from April 30th through August 27th during the hours of 4-6pm, or 7-9pm.

If you are a dancer/creative in the NYC or LA areas and would like to volunteer to join my project, please contact me directly at to let me know which Thursday or Sunday with the 2 hour window that you can join. Thank you!

To see more work from the project, or watch bts from the project, please visit the following links:
Charlie on Instagram
Charlie on Youtube

FAQ and Commonly Asked Questions:
Q. What is Kinetic?
A. Kinetic is an exploration of the energy of dance and how it can be visually captured.

Q. Why are you shooting Kinetic?
A. In a time where everyone is posting what they define as "perfect" images to social media, one of my goals with Kinetic is to embrace the imperfect and show that it too can also be beautiful as a different means of seeing and experiencing images.

Q. If I volunteer, what do I get out of volunteering?
A. Great question. I as the artist send you a final web resolution digital copy of any works that will be used for the book upon completion of editing. Anything that I do not use for the book or other displays will be promptly deleted.

Q. Can I post images that you send me on my social media or website?
A. Certainly. The only thing that I request is that you please tag/credit Charlie Naebeck as the artist/photographer and mention the project anywhere that you share it.

Q. When does your book come out?
A. I will be putting the finishing touches on photographing for the book as of August 2017 to release the book by the end of 2017.

Q. Uh, dude, there are naked people in your work....
A. Yes, movement is not limited to clothed individuals. There are some beautiful brave souls that are willing to pose nude for the sake of art.

Q. Why are you posting still images of what you call gestures and videos that you are calling Kinetic?
A. For me, not all images have to show movement. Dance movements can be subtle and still also. Video is also a new exploration that I am embracing to attempt more different ways of visualizing the movement.